Industries we support:

When it's time to add non-clinical or clinical healthcare talent to your team, Navitas Partners can help you find the highly skilled, service-oriented staff you need to build loyal patient relationships.
life science
Pharma & Life Science
Navitas life science services provides a stable, knowledgeable and productive workforce, giving our clients a unique advantage when managing scientific candidates.
Medical aide
Medical Staff & Aide
Specializing in all areas of health professionals, including personal care workers, health management, support personnel and other health service providers.
Medical Technicians
Our resources from all clinical disciplines, ensure tests get completed accurate and in timely manner assisting physicians and hospitals in a laboratory setting.
Nurse Industries
Nursing Services & Educators
We develop and manage Nursing (RN, LPN, LVN, CAN, LNA) professionals across the US as they help communities learn how to take steps to improve or maintain their health.
Healthcare IT solutions (homepage)
Healthcare IT Solutions
We simplify the Healthcare Staffing Processes for Hospitals, Providers, Biotech/Pharma, Pharmacies and state-run healthcare institutions.

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