Medical Lab Technicians

At Navitas Healthcare, we help our healthcare facilities staff many types of Medical Lab Technicians.  We look for resources that are excited by the idea of working with cutting-edge lab equipment to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients. It’s an essential role in just about any healthcare setting with diagnostic equipment.

Navitas Healthcare believes that Medical Laboratory Technicians are an essential part of keeping patients healthy, both in clinical settings and behind-the-scenes locations like blood banks or diagnostic labs. Medical lab techs collect samples and run tests to determine the presence (or cause) of diseases or to ensure treatments like blood transfusions are properly categorized and safe for patients.

Before any patient can receive medical treatment, it’s critical for their team of healthcare professionals to diagnose their condition accurately—especially since so many different causes of illness can have similar overlapping symptoms. As a medical laboratory technician, you’ll play an essential role in determining the best course of treatment for every patient. You’ll perform crucial sample collection and testing that helps doctors and other healthcare professionals understand the full picture of any patient’s illness or injury.

Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of medical laboratory technicians include:

  • Collecting samples like bodily fluids or tissue samples
  • Analyzing samples and recording normal or abnormal findings
  • Operating sophisticated lab equipment like microscopes or cell counters
  • Accurately logging data into medical records or other databases
  • Discussing test results with physicians or other health professionals


Most Medical Laboratory Technicians work full-time, 40-hour workweeks. Their hours can vary somewhat, as facilities like hospitals open around the clock may require overnight or weekend shifts. There can be some risks associated with the working environment, especially when handing infectious samples or using lab chemicals that may produce fumes. However, all medical lab techs receive extensive training to help minimize any risk of injury or illness and are provided with the proper protective equipment to stay safe on the job.

We have the capability to place our team throughout the country in just a few days’ notice.