Pharmacy Technician

Navitas Healthcare has built teams that focus on different elements of staffing projects, like Pharmacy Technicians.  Our fully vetted Pharmacy Technicians or Pharmaceutical Technicians, are registered professionals who performs a variety of functions in the pharmacy.  Our resources usually work under the supervision of a Pharmacist, they accept and review prescriptions, prepare and issue medications to patients and health professionals and manage supply and inventory.

Some of the resource’s responsibilities will include:

  • Receiving and verifying the accuracy and authenticity of prescriptions
  • Calculating the price of prescriptions
  • Reviewing and recording patient information with their prescription in compliance with the guidelines of the General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Stocking the pharmacy with inventory
  • Providing instructions to educate people on the correct way to take their medicine
  • Supporting the Pharmacist in the daily operation of the pharmacy
  • Protecting employees and patients by adhering to infection-control protocols and policies
  • Disbursing completed and confirmed prescriptions to patients
  • Answering incoming calls and fielding patient questions
  • Maintaining a clean and safe pharmacy by complying with regulations, rules and procedures

At Navitas Healthcare, we shortlist and engage people who have a passion for helping others and who want to build a relationship with our Clients customers. No matter what stage of their career, we help build their future inside of the Pharmacy space! We are always searching for the beat and the brightest Pharmacy Technicians (certified and non-certified) for hundreds of clients we service through the United States.

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